Athletic Physicals


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Each student athlete must have an ANNUAL participation sports physical to participate in Winter Park High School Athletics.
Turn in all physicals to the Athletic Training Room after school. Allow 48 hours for clearance.
See instructions and forms below. Read carefully so you are not missing any required information.
The physical date must be valid through the athlete’s competitive season.

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There are multiple forms that are part of the physical packet. If you need all the forms, you can fill in the fields and print them all from this one document including the instructions. This is set up with blank pages inserted and works best printing front and back. If you need selected forms, they are all listed individually below.

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Should you only need selected documents, all documents are listed separately below.

​Physical Instructions: Read this first, this gives you a list of all the paperwork that must be completed and turned in to the athletic trainers.

Athletic Physical Instructions 2019-20

​This is the OCPS Student Release form which must be completed and signed by a parent and submitted to the Athletic Trainer before a student will be allowed to participate.

​An OCPS Off Season Waiver must be signed by the parent and turned in to the Athletic Trainer before a student is allowed to participate in activities outside the appointed sport season (off season conditioning, open gym, etc.).



Student Athlete Release & Waiver 2019-2020


​This is the physical form that must be completed by a doctor or physicians assistant. A physical form from the doctors office will not be accepted.

from FHSAA Handbook

9.7 PHYSICAL EVALUATION (FHSAA Form EL2 – Pre-participation Physical Examination)

9.7.1 Student Must Have a Physical Evaluation Each Year. A student must have a physical evaluation each year and be certified as being physically fit to participate in interscholastic athletic programs. A physical evaluation shall be valid for a period not to exceed one calendar year from the date of practitioner’s signature. The student cannot be allowed to participate in any activity related to interscholastic athletic programs until the fully executed physical evaluation form is on file in the school (s.1002.20(17)(b), Florida Statutes).

9.7.2 Qualified Practitioners. The annual physical evaluation must be administered either by a licensed physician, a licensed osteopathic physician, a licensed chiropractic physician, a licensed physician assistant, or a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner.

9.7.3 Filing Requirements. The student-athlete shall be required to file with the principal or his/her designee a fully executed physical evaluation form signed by the practitioner and medical history questionnaire signed by the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s).

9.7.4 Evaluation Requirements. The Board of Directors shall adopt minimum requirements for the physical evaluation to which each member school shall adhere.


​Consent form must be signed by the parent authorizing the sports in which a student is allowed to participate.

from the FHSAA Handbook

9.8 CONSENT AND RELEASE (FHSAA Form EL3 – Consent and Release from Liability Certificate)

9.8.1 Student Must Provide School with Signed Consent and Release Form to Participate. A student must have the consent of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to participate in interscholastic athletic programs at a member school. The student and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must also release the FHSAA, its member schools and contest officials from all liability for any injury or claim that may result from the student’s participation in interscholastic athletics. This consent and release from liability must be provided in writing on a form developed by this Association for that purpose. The form must be signed by the student and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The student cannot be allowed to participate in any activity related to interscholastic athletic programs until the fully executed consent form is on file in the school. Board of Directors to Adopt Language for Consent and Release Form. The Board of Directors will adopt the language that must be contained in the consent and release form, which, at a minimum, will include the following:

(a) A statement acknowledging that participation in interscholastic athletics may require the student to miss classes;

(b) A statement authorizing the school to provide to the FHSAA for inspection the student’s academic, attendance and financial assistance records when requested;

(c) A statement warning of the health risks involved in participating in interscholastic athletics;

(d) A statement authorizing the use or disclosure of the student’s individually identifiable health information should treatment for illness or injury become necessary; and

(e) A statement granting to the released parties the right to photograph and videotape the student and to use his/her name, face, likeness, voice and appearance in connection with exhibitions, publicity, advertising, promotional and commercial materials without reservation or limitation.
40.6 Concussion Release Form. Each student-athlete and their parent or legal guardian, duly appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction, must submit a release form provided by the association (Form EL3CH – Concussion& Heat Related Illness Information Release Form).

40.5.1 All FHSAA member school head coaches, paid/supplemented coaches and student athletes are required to annually view the FREE online education course “Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know”. This NFHS concussion course may be viewed online at

EL-3 2019-20

​An emergency medical treatment (EMT) card must be filled out for each sport your child wishes to participate in.

EMT card – English

EMT card – Spanish

​WPHS Clinic

The WPHS clinic is located in the administration building on the Main Campus. If you would like to call to make an appointment, the phone number for the clinic is 407-622-3200 ext. 6182229 or ext. 6182437. There is no charge for having the physical done in the clinic but you must have an appointment and you also must print the attached consent form and bring it with you along with the other physical paperwork.

Clinic – Consent to Treat