Non Traditional Students

16.6 Non-Traditional Student Participation at Member Schools

16.6.1 Eligibility for Participation. Non-Traditional students, as defined in Bylaw 1.4.30, are eligible to participate at the public school to which the student would be assigned according to district school attendance area policies or the public school which the student could choose to attend according to the controlled open enrollment provisions, pursuant to § 1002.31, F.S. (completion of the EL14 Form – “Verification of Student Controlled Open Enrollment Option with Public School District” is required) provided these specific requirements are met: Home Education Students. The student must be registered as a home education student with the school district in which the student resides. The student is also eligible to participate with a Home Education Program Cooperative or a private school. Completion of an EL7 Form (Registration Form for Home Education Students) is required. (Click here of see Home School tab for more information) Charter School Students. The student must attend a charter school that does not sponsor an interscholastic athletic program in a sport in which the student desires to participate. (Click here or see Charter School tab for more information) Special/Alternative School Students. The student must attend an alternative school or a special school operated by a school district identified by the Superintendent and does not offer an interscholastic athletic program. (Click here or see Special/Alternative School tab for more information) Non-Member Private School Students. The student must attend a non-FHSAA member private school consisting of 125 students or fewer attending the private school in the equivalent grade levels (i.e. 6-12, 7-12, 9-12, etc.) of the public school at which the student wishes to participate and does not offer the sport(s) in which the student wishes to participate. Completion of an EL12 Form (Registration Form for Non-Member Private School Students) is required. (Click here or see Non Member Private School tab for more information) FLVS-FT Students. The student must be a full time student of the statewide Florida Virtual School Full Time program (DOE #71-0300 or #71-0400). (Click here or see Florida Virtual School tab for more information)